3 February 2018

On the 24th January, after a gruelling couple of weeks of university deadlines consisting of 4am Library sessions, the awful manic last minute Christmas shopping, and working 9-5 through the holidays. I made the copious decision to start/restart my blog! Thoughts consume my mind, What shall I write about? Who even am I? What do I want my blog to be about? and so forth. So after sipping my first and not my last glass of champagne I begin to write away. 

 My friends and those closest to me call me - not to my approval Kimmy K, I mean I do have a Jennifer Lawrence type of obsession with the Kardashians - I mean I am officially invested in all of their lives, after all its been 10 years. Not only this but my obsession for clothes and accessories has become unhealthy, forcing my bank account to shed tears every time I pass by Selfridges. Although, you can catch me mucking out stables and walking my dogs through muddy fields on a weekly basis, giving the countryside girl vibe.

I love it. I love the fresh air and the peace and quiet. I definitely have two sides to my personality, one that completely does not care how awful she looks walking through the countryside to the local pub, in my hunter wellies and Barbour jacket. Then the other side of me that lives for a Balmain blazer (not that I own one - GOALS) tight leather trousers and barely there heels rocking the sickest Chanel bag. - Baring in mind that these items all cost a fortune, and rightly so. I tend to try and style myself with the HighStreet brands and pull of a similar look. 

Throughout my blog, I will try and pass on the knowledge - not a lot; that I have gained over the first 21 years of my life, whether this be in beauty, fashion, baking or even just general advice. I want to make my blog a fun and intriguing read to those who may stumble across it. With that being said WELCOME and I hope you enjoy.


  1. Congrats on the relaunch babe!!


    Ellie xx

  2. so excited for this - love this and you xx

  3. Congratulations on your blog.

    Rachael | www.rachaelblogsbeauty.com

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